Hey y’all…I just thought I would explain a little about blush and blushers, especially since there is a large volume of questions regarding these products. I’m not going to promote any lines, but represent forms, techniques, and product types. This post is for anyone who’s interested…I’m not implying that y’all don’t know what you’re talking about or anything, but there are some common misconceptions and false advertising/untrue statements I would like to clear up.


Blush is probably the most misused, under appreciated, and over accentuated product. The intention of blush is to not only highlight and contour the cheekbone, but to size and proportion the face to create a frame. It also has the ability to connect the eyes with the lips, if applied with the intent and properly. The color of the blush is a big part of this problem. Find a blush which closely matches what your face looks like when you naturally blush or when you hold your breath. The pigment of the skin will accept these colors more so than the opposite or others

Powder Blush

Typically, blush has been viewed as the color to highlight/accentuate the cheek found most commonly as a pressed cake although there are loose shimmer blush powders. Many techniques and styles have existed and evolved when it comes to powder blush. We have the contour look (circa 1920’s) which is still an art today used by a majority of professional makeup artists that works in combination with foundation contouring. The 80’s cheekbone blusher; side of the face into the hairline blush after looking into the mirror and sucking in the cheeks or smiling method, which is still common, but just as common to be pointed fun of. And a more recent approach which uses the natural blushing of the face as a guide. Below is this application. It is logical to use powder blush after you have set your foundation with powder. There are other methods for this application; however, this is a sure, safe way to get even, natural cheeks.

To get a modern look and doing this to the cheek which is more difficult for you to do, take your blush brush and swirl it into the blush cake. This is to gather a large amount all over the end of the brush. Slightly blow on the tip to remove excess, loose powder, then find the apple of your cheek. To find the apples of your cheeks, look straight into a mirror and go directly vertical (below) the center of your iris (pupil). And the bone, dot the brush over this area in short but quick taps. Then do the same along the cheek bone till you get to the vertically parallel end of your eye. This deposits the color. Now you can just simply swirl the brush, going toward the ear. This distributes the color. If you get too much and feel you look like a clown, don’t worry, it is easily fixed. Just take your foundation powder and reapply it over to soften the color; this also creates a glow which looks extremely natural granted you chose a natural color for your skin shade and undertone. Now do the same to the cheek which is easier for you to do, keeping in mind it will be easier to make them even as well because you can compensate and accommodate any what would normally be any problems.

Cream Blush

It is a misconception that cream blushers are a recent development, but they were made their debut with the Egyptians prior to Cleopatra’s reign. Originally, they were a red clay compound found by excavating the soil to till after heavy farming. Within the last 10 years though, cream blush has headlined again as an alternative way to accent the cheek packaged as a consistent jelly in tub or as a more solid, silicone stick form. This route will give you a most natural glow to the cheek and is typically used before the foundation or the foundation is set with powder simply because it can react with the powder and create a makeup mud or gunky look otherwise.

Once again, doing the harder cheek, take the thumb and rub it thoroughly into the blusher. Going with the apple of the cheek, take the colored thumb and swipe it toward the ear ending at the end of the eye, but still on the bone. With a stiff, rounder, blush brush, which can be made by cutting the bristles to an inch in length, take your favorite moisturizer and dab a minimal amount onto the end of it. Swirl the moisturized brush over the color toward the ear allowing the color to “bleed” and blend over the cheek. Now do the same to the other, easier, cheek and match them up. Give this some time to absorb (10 minutes max) and then continue with your foundation where you left off. If the color is too strong…apply heavier powder in that area to dissipate it to create a more subtle look.

Gel Blushers

A new technology in makeup, this slightly differs from the creams. More liquid than a jelly cream, it only takes a small amount and is best to use without moisturizer to blend. Using the same application aforementioned with cream blush, do this after applying foundation but before powder. Most gels have sparkle or glitter in them, if you don’t like it, then apply it before the foundation to cut down on the glare. Most makeup artists are using this as a highlighter for the cheekbone only. But don’t be afraid to try something different and create your own look.

Well…this is a bit about blush…I hope it helps…

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