Staying in is the new going out, courtesy of the recent pandemic.

People were restricted to their homes and, as a result, had to find things to do without leaving their own buildings. That meant an increase globally in things such as DIY materials, as people found themselves with nothing to spend their money on other than their homes. That applied in Brazil, where DIY spending increased massively. People were fed up with their walls and rooms and wanted to pep things up.

Many turned to games rooms, termed in some cultures as man caves, as a source of entertainment. Spare rooms suddenly became social hubs, with everything from dartboards to big TVs being moved in. That meant plenty to do at home, and whilst restrictions have eased, those games rooms are still popular. Obviously, they’re not just for men, but a so-called man cave is the latest trend worldwide. They serve many purposes, from a games room to a home cinema, a place to entertain or chill alone.

How can you go all-in on the perfect man cave/games room at your house? We’ve got some tips and hints, with a few suggestions as to what to include.

Don’t Worry About Space

You might have seen games rooms with pool tables, darts boards and huge couches and think your box room might be inadequate, but you’d be wrong. The size of the room isn’t important; you can make a great room from a small spare space at the back of your home. Your games room doesn’t have to just be about playing pool; it might be a place to play video games or even board games. Don’t feel pressured by the pictures online of people’s wonderful rooms; make your space work for you. A games room doesn’t have to be the sparkling, expansive area you see on the internet when you search for ideas; it can be cozy and intimate, as long as it works for you.

Diversify the Games

We’ve mentioned pool, or 8-ball here already, as many of these rooms boast a table for play, but that doesn’t define a games room. Instead, you should consider some of the other aspects of gaming that might appeal to your friends. One great example is poker, a social game that you come together to play, but one that doesn’t require quite as much space. If you want to emulate the greatest poker players of all time, a poker table topper, a deck of cards and a chipset is all you need; a great solution without needing the space and one which appeals to many. Video games are another good example; a mounted television and a few retro games consoles give you plenty to do when it comes to entertaining. Don’t be led by the stereotypical games; make sure you pick ones that will function for you and your friends.


A games room isn’t just about relaxing and playing games; it’s about having fun and making a statement. There are so many personalized gifts you can get today, from posters to figurines, from wallpapers to rugs. Your games room doesn’t have to be boring with bland walls and carpets; you can go for the full house of entertainment, fun and expression instead. Why conform to traditional home décor styles when you can be bold and project your personality onto the walls? What are your interests? Sports? If so, theme your room around your sports team, be it Sao Paulo, Barcelona or LA Lakers. If you’re not into sports, you could look for a movie theme with some classic posters or perhaps a video game theme. There are so many options that the actual games are merely one part of becoming a room of expression and excitement.


Your games room should be comfortable; it should be somewhere you want to go to unwind. Think about the furnishings if you can, and deck out the room in nice places to sit. For example, if you repurpose a couple of old metal chairs for a poker table, you could end up uncomfortable and move to another room to play a few hands. This defeats the object of your room, so maybe think about raising the stakes with some padded chairs, or if you have the room, a big couch. Also, try not to have a dual purpose, such as a games room and home office. If you’re working in there, no matter how comfy the chairs or well decorated the walls are, you won’t want to spend leisure time in there as you’ll have already put a full day’s work in.

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