While the questions and answers below are geared towards the Shellac by CND gel nail polish product, many of the answers provided will apply to other gel nail polish brands including Harmony’s Gelish, OPI’s GelColor, and Orly’s GelFX products.

Can you get designs on Shellac nails?

Yes, doing nail art with Shellac is almost as simple as it is with regular nail polish.

Can you put glitter on Shellac?

Yes, you can put glitter on Shellac. You have lots of options when applying glitter to Shellac and you can get creative and make whatever look you like. Just make sure you put top coat over it and cure it. Some people who put glitter on Shellac will then put multiple top coats over it and cure each one separately because it covers up the texture of the glitter better.

Can you mix Shellac with Gelish or other gel nail polishes?

Technically the answer is yes, but it is not recommended to do so.

Can you use another brand’s lamp to cure Shellac(or another brand of gel polish)?

Yes, you can use a different brand’s lamp to cure Shellac, but you may need to be careful to make sure that it is still curing in the recommended amount of time. Also, make sure to use another UV lamp to cure, as the Shellac by CND lamp is a UV lamp, not an LED lamp that is used by some other gel polish brands.

Can you mix Shellac or Gelish colors to make another color?

This is not recommended, as the formula for each color is slightly different and can create issues when you go to apply a “mixed color”. Layering Shellac colors is common and a wonderful way to get more color options and create a customized look.

How can you make Shellac or other gel nail polish manicure last longer?

The best way to extend the wear of your Shellac is to apply Solar Oil twice each day and massage it into the nail. To make any gel nail polish manicure last longer, avoid submersing your hands in water for long periods of time and make sure to use gloves whenever using any sort of cleaning products.

Can you use different gel polish brands together?

This is not recommended, because each brand has specific processes that make that brand’s product wear better and more evenly.

Can you fix a Shellac nail that has lifted?

One of the first signs of wear you will see with Shellac is when the product starts to lift away from the nail. If the Shellac has been applied correctly this should not happen until at least two weeks after it was applied. The only temporary at –home fix for this problem is to put a regular nail polish top coat over the lifted polish and let it dry. If you have quick access to a salon, you could also put a layer of Shellac topcoat over the nail, making sure to cover the free edge well, and cure it. These are only temporary fixes though, so if your Shellac is lifting, it is time to get a new Shellac manicure.

Can you put three coats of Shellac nail color on?

Like regular nail polishes, you can apply anywhere from one to up to five or six coats of Shellac nail color as long as you cure each coat separately. For the look pictured above, the nail technician applied three coats of Hotski to Tchotchke then applied Black Pool polka dots and a coat of Zillionaire before finally applying topcoat and finishing out the manicure.

Can you use Shellac with tips?

Yes, Shellac works well on artificial nails and tips.

Can you use Shellac on nails that have acrylics on them?

Yes, you can even use Shellac to help transition out of acrylics and into natural nails with gel polish as your product of choice.

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