Moving can be of many types. It is not possible to be precise in defining a move as so many variables are involved in moving. However, we have compiled a few different types of moves in broad terms that you may encounter.

On Premise Moving:

This is where items are not moved onto a truck but simply moved to a location within the same building.

Local Moving

Local moving usually is a move that is completed on the same day and no more than a couple hundred miles or all within the same state. Local moves are usually preformed with trucks that have 2 axles, and between 16 – 20 feet long. Local moves are charged by the man hour so they are determined by multiplying the number of local movers by the number of hours it takes to complete the move. There are several movers in Dubai , you may hire them for professional work if you are established in UAE.

Long Distance Moving

This is moving that is performed from state to state or across country. This is done using large tractor trailers and sometimes your stuff will be included with others. Long distance movers when performing these types of moves charge by the weight of the goods and will certainly be more costly than the other types of moves.

Auto Transport

This is where you either need to move your vehicle along with your move or just if you need to ship a vehicle to somewhere else. Auto transport companies will usually put vehicles with others on special vehicle hauling trucks.

International Moving

 Lastly we have international moving completed by international movers. This is when you are moving from country to country. This is the most regulated type of move for the consumer because when moving to a different country there may be things you cannot bring.  Depending on where you are moving will determine if you would need to use a shipping boat or just a standard long distance truck.

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